custom t-shirts

Ariana loves coming up with creative ways to alter and tailor shirts. If you would like to hire her to modify one of your tees please contact her at:

collage_green top“2nd revision of this men’s t-shirt, now with v-neckline.”

collage_pink tube top“Tee modified into a tube top with spaghetti halter straps.”

collage_green guitar halter“2nd revision of this men’s t-shirt is now it’s a halter top.”

collage 19“Men’s t-shirt modified into a playful tube top.”

collage 43“Tee re-imagined into a cute beach cover-up skirt.”

collage 37“T-shirt recreated into a playful vest.”

collage 34“Basic t-shirt modified into a fitted tank.”

collage 32“Video game t-shirt modified into a tank top.”

collage 31“Where the Wild Things Are t-shirt modified into a fitted tank with fun back details.”

collage 30“T-shirt modified into a one shoulder tank.”

collage 25“Concert tee modified into a sexy cropped tank top.”

collage 24“T-shirt modified into a fitted tank.”

collage 22“Pan’s Labyrinth t-shirt re-imagined as a backless top.”

collage 21“Men’s tee modified into a wrapped tank top.”

collage 20“Men’s t-shirt modified into a open back halter top.

collage 18“T-shirt modified into a sleeveless tank top.”

collage 17“T-shirt modified into sexy halter top.”

collage 3“Tank modified with cutout details.”

collage 6“Men’s t-shirt modified into a tank top with cutout details.”


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